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George's Cabin Blog

One more morning walk with winter gear!

by Dana DeMars on 04/27/17

Yes, we have snow coverage for the second time in a week.  Yesterday's snow seems to want to stay for awhile as the temperature today is not suppose to get above freezing. The spring birds that are back are having a great time at the bird feeders - very fun to watch!

Ospreys and loons are back!

by Dana DeMars on 04/09/17

Always a welcome sight and a sure sign of Spring!  We also have new neighbors on the nesting platform between the two lakes.  A pair of bald eagles have taken up residency.  I am sure it is kind of disappointing for the ospreys that spent a lot of time last fall working on the nest. 

Mark the calendars!

by Dana DeMars on 04/05/17

Ice out on Lake George is April 5!  Now we need some rain!  Need to wash everything off and give the blueberries a boost.

We are behind schedule . . .

by Dana DeMars on 03/30/17

or at least the lake is.  Last year the ice was out on April 2.  That's not going to happen this year.

We got more snow!!

by Dana DeMars on 01/31/17

Between yesterday and today we received about 6 inches of the fluffy stuff.  Should make for great snowmobiling and skiing for the weekend.  Although, the temps are suppose to drop a bit for later in the week....just means the snow's not gonna melt!!!