George's Cabin Blog

George's Cabin Blog

6 inches of ice!

by Dana DeMars on 11/26/17

Lake George was been a busy place this weekend with fishermen.  Our snow is gone again but it has been perfect weather for making ice.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday season!

Finally out of the deep freeze!

by Dana DeMars on 11/11/17

Lake George has froze over but now that we are back to a bit more normal seasonal temperatures it probably won't stay, so don't get your fish houses ready just yet!

Good luck hunters!

by Dana DeMars on 11/02/17

With the snow on the ground it should make hunting a bit easier.  Just stay warm and safe!

We've got snow falling!

by Dana DeMars on 10/26/17

There is a winter advisory for our area and the possibility of 2 - 6 inches of snow over night.  Our grouse hunting guests seemed ok with the bit of snowy weather as the birds should be out looking for food before the snow really hits. I personally would prefer snow in November or December . . .

Fall fishing . . .

by Dana DeMars on 10/02/17

has been good between high winds and rain :) Hoping the trend holds for cabin guests this weekend.