George's Cabin Blog

George's Cabin Blog

Red-wing black birds and mourning doves are back . . .

by Dana DeMars on 04/09/18

Sure wish it was Spring for our feathered friends. Luckily, there are some patches of bare ground for scratching and pecking and our feeders get filled weekly.  We also give our four legged friends a bit of cracked corn in the evenings.  We are getting quite a herd of white tails. It's a tough spring for everyone! 

Still waiting for Spring . . .

by Dana DeMars on 04/03/18

It's suppose to get down to 0 tonight.  Ice out on Lake George was April 5 last year.  Not gonna happen this year :(  

Winter still has it's grip on us...

by Dana DeMars on 03/26/18

About 5 inches of heavy wet snow fell today.  I think it was just to remind us that, hey it maybe Spring on the calendar but not in Northern Minnesota.  

We have lots of snow!!

by Dana DeMars on 02/20/18

The most we have had all winter!  We have had at least 10 inches fall since Sunday. Lots of soft fluffy stuff for snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing . . .And it sounds like the weekend will be pretty nice to get out and enjoy it.  

Winter Storm Warning until 6 pm!

by Dana DeMars on 02/18/18

Lots of white stuff falling.  We have about  3 inches on the ground and it is still coming.  This might be our biggest snow fall this winter!  I am thinking snow shoes . . .