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George's Cabin Blog

Enjoying the January thaw . . .

by Dana DeMars on 01/19/17

It's been wonderfully warm all week. Looking forward to doing some fishing this weekend!  It's gonna be one of those weekends where a bucket on the ice will be just fine.  Dwight also gets to show his granddaughter how it is done. Always a good time showing kids how to fish!

Wonderful day to be snowshoeing!!!

by Dana DeMars on 01/15/17

We donned the shoes and headed for the Paul Bunyan State Forest. Gorgeous mid morning trek through the woods. So much fun checking out the animal tracks, looking for birds and watching a couple deer watch us! This weekend has been a nice break from the frigid temps and wind.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

by Dana DeMars on 12/26/16

Our winter storm made things a bit interesting but we got the fish house out on the lake and with all this new snow (after the ice that feel all day yesterday) we are looking forward to some winter fun!

15 Below this a.m.

by Dana DeMars on 12/10/16

The lake is busy making ice while we are inside a nice warm house prepping our snowshoes for a bit warmer days to enjoy our winter wonderland!

Into the deep freeze we go!

by Dana DeMars on 12/08/16

Lake George froze over last night and should have a real good week to make ice.  We are not suppose to be above freezing for quite awhile and we will probably get our first sub-zero temps. Ahhhh....winter in Northern Minnesota....gotta love it!