George's Cabin Blog

George's Cabin Blog

Labor Day weekend . . .

by Dana DeMars on 09/04/17

Well, I guess for some, summer is over.  The weather was pretty good this weekend....had rain on Friday which brought down the dust for the ATVs and the rain held off today until all the cabin guests had left. Hope everyone got home safe and sound. Here's to another summer...looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

We've got acorns . . .

by Dana DeMars on 08/30/17

Getting the seasonal cabin ready for guests this Labor Day weekend and I noticed we have acorns falling from the trees already. Fall is a coming . . .

Yay! We finally got rain!

by Dana DeMars on 08/03/17

Over a half inch since last night. I don't want to wish a rainy week for our cabin guests, but we could use a few more days like this. 

Frist day of Blueberry Festival proves to be interesting.....

by Dana DeMars on 07/28/17

Our garage sale has been great. Thanks to all who stopped by, as we love to chat and hear stories of the area. We do have a bit of a dark cloud hanging over Lake George though, as an escaped convict from Beltrami County was last seen in the Lake George area so between getting recorded calls from the Hubbard county sheriff's office and informing neighbors and guests of the issues, it just reminds us how careful we should be all the time.  Needless to say car doors and house doors are locked tonight :(

Blueberry Festival!!!!!

by Dana DeMars on 07/26/17

Yes, it's the big weekend for Lake George Blueberry Festival!  Come on up and join the fun! Lots of vendors, food and live music this year.