George's Cabin Blog

George's Cabin Blog

We need rain ... so if you have any extra send it up!

by Dana DeMars on 06/02/20

Looks like the cabins are going to be busy this summer.  Thank you!  We will keep them as clean and sanitized as we can so everyone can enjoy some rest and relaxation.  Social distancing we can do easy enough with the cabins set apart and the beach front should be big enough for some memorable gatherings :)

Happy Easter everyone!

by Dana DeMars on 04/12/20

A chilly morning for a nice long walk.  Still waiting for the ice to go out on Lake George.  We have a fox family living under the seasonal cabin.  On Friday, we got to see Mom and 2 kits.  So cute.  We will be taking our time opening the cabin up this year as we want to give them all the time they need :)

To everyone . . . STAY HEALTHY

by Dana DeMars on 03/22/20

Our routines have changed once again.  We are hunkered down in Lake George except for weekly grocery shopping in Park Rapids or Bemidji.  I am working from home and with Dwight fully retired we are embarking on new routines and trying to stay healthy.  We are going to start this week with daily morning walks which I am so looking forward to because we will be able to watch the sun come up on our walk.  

Patiently waiting for Spring . . .

by Dana DeMars on 03/01/20

It has not been a bad winter  . . .lots of snow and the temperatures have been reasonable (no 50 below).  Kind of started getting some Spring projects lined up.  George's Cabins signs are getting some TLC and a new garbage can holder for one of the cabins.  We still have lots of snow though, so we won't be doing spring clean-up any time soon.

First snow of the season . . .

by Dana DeMars on 10/12/19

The ground is covered and it keeps coming!  Luckily, this next week the temps are suppose to be in the 50s so the white stuff won't stay for long.  It is just a reminder of things to come!