George's Cabin Blog

George's Cabin Blog

Waiting for more rain . . .

by Dana DeMars on 07/08/18

We had 5 inches of rain last week and the lake is up but looking just for a bit more so the grass stays green and we don't have to water the gardens.

It's turtle time!

by Dana DeMars on 06/06/18

So watch out for our slow moving friends along the roads.  Try to avoid hitting those reptiles that carry their homes on their backs.

We had a visitor last night . . .

by Dana DeMars on 05/14/18

The bear was looking for a snack and trashed a few bird feeders but no real damage.  Going to bring in the oriole feeder and sunflower seeds tonight and for the next few nights just to make sure the bear has started shopping some where else.  

Ice out on Lake George, May 1 . . .

by Dana DeMars on 05/01/18

A couple days of windy weather and a few rain showers took care of the ice pretty quickly this year. 

Red-wing black birds and mourning doves are back . . .

by Dana DeMars on 04/09/18

Sure wish it was Spring for our feathered friends. Luckily, there are some patches of bare ground for scratching and pecking and our feeders get filled weekly.  We also give our four legged friends a bit of cracked corn in the evenings.  We are getting quite a herd of white tails. It's a tough spring for everyone!